Investing in the Community 

Community Programs

We recognise the importance of being part of the wider community and have established a Community Gain Fund that will have positive impacts on our neighbors.

The aim of the fund is to provide financial assistance to community based clubs/groups, voluntary organisations, schools/colleges and businesses for the development of community, educational, recreational, environmental and local heritage projects and works which will benefit the neighbouring communities of Irishtown, Ringsend and Sandymount.

More than €10 million has been allocated to date, with an additional annual contribution of €600,000 based on the annual throughput of waste in future years.

Supporting the local economy

During the construction of the Dublin Waste to Energy Facility, over 300 jobs were created, of which more than 50 jobs were given to people from the local Eastside + Docklands Employment Service, and a number of these have now secured permanent employment at the facility. 

Now in operation, the facility provides approximately 100 jobs – 60 full-time at the facility and 35-40 full-time contractor and service support roles.