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Dublin Waste to Energy

The Dublin Waste to Energy Facility converts waste that cannot be reused or recycled into clean energy

Located in Poolbeg, Dublin Port, the facility:

  • Annually diverts up to 600,000 tonnes of non-recyclable waste from landfill

  • Generates enough electricity for up to 80,000 homes

  • Potential heating for 50,000 additional homes

Latest News

21 July 2017

Dublin Waste to Energy will shortly commence waste firing on Line 2. This is scheduled to take place over this coming weekend. Further updates will be available in due course.

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Why was the facility built?


How is waste converted into energy?


What are the emissions generated?


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What is Waste-to-Energy?

Waste-to-Energy facilities provide a safe, technologically advanced means of waste disposal
that reduces waste being sent to landfills while generating clean energy from the process.


What are the benefits of Waste-to-Energy?

Waste-to-Energy reduces greenhouse gases, diverts waste from landfills, recycles metals and generates clean energy.

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Giving back to the Community

We recognise the importance of being part of the wider community and have established a community
gain fund that will have positive impacts on our neighbors in Irishtown, Ringsend and Sandymount.

Our Community Engagement